Surrealism and irony are basic principles in the label’s language.

Created in 1960, the company began as a small dressmaking business. Experience and know-how are at the heart of the label. D-due’s collections are created at our ateliers paying strict attention to detail and quality. The design of each pattern is considered as a truly creative process.

Literature, art, graphic design, architecture… every collection explores creative and artistic concepts, reinterpreted in an ironic and highly poetic way. The fabric is like a painter’s canvas. The design processes are beyond textile productions processes, embracing fine arts.

The family shipyard is close to D-due’s original atelier. The collections still preserve a part of this legacy in their very essence. Telling the stories of the place where the label was born is D-due’s greatest influence.

Throughout the history of Galicia, the sea has blurred the frontiers of its geography, blending together the limits between the sea and the land, and defining the rituals of daily life. This magical, contradictory relationship with the sea is one of the most important facets of our label’s identity, which defines its lifestyle, and which has led to the creation of the homeware range Maison D-due, which coexists in perfect harmony with the different ranges from the D-due collection.

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