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Charo Froján and Alfredo Olmedo are the design team behind the collections of D-due. They both trace out the guidelines for each new proposal, with a special emphasis on creative solutions. Concerns, affinities, and discrepancies all converge together in a unique aesthetic discourse, simultaneously suffused with a close attention to detail and an ironic touch.

The Company.

The company was founded in 1960 as a small, high-quality dressmaker, and is still based in its original installations. In the early 1990s, the infrastructure was extended with the construction of a new working space, containing the design studio that led to the creation of the D-due label.


Solid know-how in the world of fashion design has been passed down through the generations, allowing us to maintain all of the original aspects of dressmaking. Our garments are made by hand, and are easily recognizable due to the extreme attention to detail in every element. By having its own atelier, the label has been able to remain in close contact with each of its new creations, from their design through to their final production, in a process that makes each item as a unique garment. Every collection is a hand-crafted masterpiece.


D-due is a “studio label”. All of its creative work is directed in multiple directions, creating its own, exclusive language. The studio is a research space, where ideas and actions take shape, revealing a unique approach towards artistic processes.

Life Style.

The label’s creative flow spreads into different areas. The studio’s interests and concerns are applied to similar product lines that complement D-due’s spirit, to achieve a complete model upon which to illustrate its style Textiles, pottery, and other items serve as the perfect backdrop upon which to expand and communicate its creative project, as a label that has shunned the trend of working in other areas that would make it more of a lifestyle project, rather than purely a fashion label.

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